Monday, May 11, 2009

48 Hours

This weekend was the 48 Hours film competition, a short film competition where you must create an entire film from scratch (maximum length of 7 minutes including credit roll), within 48 hours. There are common elements that each team must incorporate into their film (character name, a prop, and a line of dialogue), these are created each year by the organizers. Each team is assigned a film genre at random, for example there may be 10 different film genres that the judges come up with, and each team will be assigned one of those genres. It is the teams' job to then write, film, edit, and put to tape, a film of that genre that incorporates the mandatory elements. This year the character's name was Alex Puddle who is an exaggerator, the prop was a rock, and the line of dialogue was, "It doesn't fit". Our team's genre was "Romance". Our team decided to film the entire short on canon 5DmkIIs which 6 of us "photographers" owned. Our short was titled "Lilith", kind of a sci-fi romance, starring a few actor friends I had met on the set of First Light.

Throwing rocks into the harbour...Matt, Matt, and Lonnie filming insert scenes.

Matt shows us his "Blue Steel" as he works the catwalk.

Just hangin' around in between takes. The basement had some pretty cool lighting. We filmed in a fiberglass prop factory that had a workshop upstairs and downstairs.

Rehearsals...yes it was cold that morning, hence Renee wearing a jacket during walk throughs...

...and the real thing.

Our 'robot' hooked up to some 'hi-tech' cables and wires :)

"Alex Puddle" (aka Dr. Phil) our crazy Scientist/Inventor/Doctor, gets to work on his 'perfect woman'.

Oooohhh...just look at all that hi-tech stuff...thanks Intergen! :)

Who says making movies is all about glory and fame? Sarah graciously holding a space heater to try and keep Renee's toes and legs warm.

Shortly after Dr. Phil lost his licence to practice Dentistry...

"...that's not a knife..." it's not odd looking letterboxing, it was shot between some shelving :)

Horst re-enacting Moses parting the sea. comment... that you?

This is what we do to Actors when they screw up their lines!

Daniel composed an original score for us on his magical flute the Smurfs gave him.

Cameraman Matt wearing the latest in on set protective gear.

Crew shot...minus a few editors and musicians and 1 cameraman in Singapore.

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